Seek Help from a Professional

The number one mistake golfers make is that they try to improve their game with new equipment, but if you’re serious about getting better then take lessons. New drivers, irons and putters are temporary fixes for your slice or hook, but if you want to seriously play better then it’s important to correct your swing.

Every Shawnee golf professional prides themselves on offering lesson programs for all golfers of any age and ability. Shawnee offers many different lesson programs suited for every skill level. Let us help you make learning the game of golf easier and more fun!

Shawnee Instructors have made a pledge to embrace and deliver our philosophy of “Helping Golfers achieve their goals and improve their enjoyment of the game of golf”. Our mission states, “We strongly believe coaching is a collaborative journey of self-discovery. It is our job to unlock every person’s potential to maximize their own performance by empowering them to self-correct and self-generate. While we teach the techniques of playing golf, we also coach to inspire, motivate and perpetuate a love and passion for the game.”

Improve your driving, putting, iron play, bunker play, hybrids and overall short game with lessons from our PGA Professionals and PGA Apprentices starting at just $40 per half-hour, $70 per hour, $200 for series of six half-hour lessons or take advantage of our Player Development Program for $99 per month for two monthly lessons and unlimited balls or $129 for 3 lessons and unlimited balls on the largest grass range in Louisville.


Private Lesson Rates: Lessons Available From:
One 1/2 Hour Lesson: $40 Craig Heibert (PGA)
Series of Six Lessons: $200 Randy Miller
Player Development Program: $99 to $129 per month*(*Only Available Through Randy and Scott) Scott Guzinski

Make a real commitment to improving your game with lessons! Start playing better golf and call (502) 776-9389 today!

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